Loans On Title Deeds

In times of uncertainty businesses need a seamless and safe solution. Our simple, established and independently funded insurance premium financing solution is provided at attractive and sustainable rates.
The funding mechanism will allow you to enjoy the benefits of annual insurance policies, whilst ensuring that the upfront payment requirement does not impact their cash flow requirements. Your cash will be freed for reinvestment in operations at very attractive rates.

We offer financing for business or personal expenses such as medical, school fees and secured by your Title Deed your rental business. We changed the narrative of lending, just an Hour, and you are sorted.

Do you have any rental or developed property that you own? So long as you have its documents i.e Title Deed you qualify for a loan. Visit our offices, call us, email us to learn more about the product. We also offer to finance for business or personal expenses such as medical, school fees, and secured by either Logbook or Title Deed.

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